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Advanced Research, Social ​Startups, Next Generation ​Technology

August 10-11, 2025

in Copenhagen

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Muellners Foundation is a non-profit organization that has ​served advanced research in STEM with multi-​disciplinary tools and resources. As part of its call to ​proposals, the global community is invited to deliver ​compelling sessions, keynotes, and exhibits at our ​SERENITY 2025 Symposium.

Keynotes to be announced


Global Health

Global Development

Next Generation Internet

Intercultural Exchange

Carbon neutral planet



9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Startup ​Tenancy Presentations

12:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Global Health & Artificial ​Intelligence

4:00 PM Onwards


Schedule may change.


WORKSHOP: Social ​Finance in India

WORKSHOP: Bio-​informati​cs Research

The Symposium will comprise an international textile & art exhibition.


SERENITY 2025 will be held IN ​Copenhagen.

Ca​rbon Footprint

We make sure to account for the carbon impact of ​your attendance during this Symposium.

Cool Corporate Team in a Meeting
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Cool Corporate View of a Corporate Office


How do I get my certificate of foo​tprint?

Please logon to the Muellners Foundation Trust governance system to s​elf-generate ​a C02 emissions certificate.

Do you allow same-day entrances/walk-ins?

Unfortunately, no. Due to health and safety reasons, we will only allow entrance ​to those who have registered.

Will there be complimentary parking arrangements?

Yes, we have free parking slots. Additionally, paid parking is available beside the v​enue.

See the future ​unfold

Serenity 2025 ticket registration is going to open ​soon. The travel assistance is open to differently-​abled individuals. See if you are eligible for Travel ​sponsorships.

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