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Muellners Foundation

Trust ​Impact


Vol. 1


Lara Muellner

Executive Council Member

(Dec 2019-Dec 2022)

Message from the Open ​Council

Our aim is to grant individuals worldwide access to technology, skill development, and ​innovation. Through digital collaboration based on an open governance structure, we can guide ​and support ideas right from the start and help them grow into sustainable and impactful ​initiatives.

We supported COVID-19 relief initiatives for vulnerable populations living in rural regions of ​India in early 2022. Further, to upskill and train future innovators and bridge the ​interdisciplinary skill gap, particularly in low and middle-income economies, we expanded our ​digital campus. ‘Learn fellowship’ promotes collaboration and learning across borders through a ​peer-reviewed knowledge base and access to essential low-cost AI and computing infrastructure ​for developers.

One major milestone we achieved in 2022 was launching RnD programs for Open Constitution ​AI - a public information network powered by a transparent, deep learning model that is now ​ready to scale. The AI network can facilitate various types of process automation that require ​intelligent human-like cognition and extensive memory. In line with its mission, the Open ​Council of the AI network emphasises deploying training datasets for cutting-edge research in ​social finance, global health, and climate finance. While we focused on the network architecture ​and governance model during the early stages of 2020/21, our digital commons infrastructure ​constituted fiscal nodes ​in ​EEA, Asia, and Africa. We developed the Trust’s treasury portal open-​bank in 2022/23 and are looking forward to scaling this platform for individuals, start-ups, ​universities, companies and public governance stakeholders.

January 1, 2023

Our Trust is shaping ​a sustainable future.

Our Path to Impact


Regulatory Standardization ​of Open Constitution Legal ​Instruments

Deploying AI models for ​program activities

Consolidation of intra-fiscal ​node transactions

Public Release of Open ​Bounty,

Digital Campus, Trust ​Console and Governance ​Center


Implementing the network’s ​Contributor Delivery Subnet and ​Digital Public Services

Deploying AI models for network ​subnets

Consolidation of computing ​infrastructure

Ecosystem Development,

Public Reviews and

Treasury Infrastructure,

Beneficiary License ​Infrastructure


Adoption of Open ​Constitution Articles of ​Association

Nominations & Electoral ​Appointments

Consolidation of Trust ​artefacts

Constituting Open Council ​bodies, projects and ​program activities like the ​LEARN-Fellowship


Trust founded

Experiments and initial ​groundwork to set up the ​network infrastructure

Making news everywhere!

Reaching ​Beneficiaries ​across the globe

The data residency of the AI network is now active in India and the European Economic Region.

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Key Figures


Rate of organic growth

E Residency and E Tenancy ​Contributions

Capacity building exercise for 36.000 ​contributors.



in Resources

Computing Infrastructure under ​management increased through non ​cash contributions

Increase in diversity

Enhanced inclusion and equity by ​establishing Trust in 30 countries ​through Fiscal Hosts

Total Entitlements regulated by the ​Trust (since 2019)




into Activity

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Our Ecosystem

Financial ​Services and ​wellness






Data Services


Non classified




Cool Corporate Portrait of a Team of Professionals

Expanding horizon of ​sust​ainability

The governance constitution for the network, intra-​community token representation for treasury ​management, research and development programs in ​core focus areas, and expanding Open Council bodies are ​all crucial components of the Muellners Foundation's ​operations. The segregation between the Trust deed and ​the AI network's maintainer Fiscal hosts has been ​simplified in public-facing records to ensure ​transparency and clarity.

In its initial years, the Trust hyper-focused on deploying ​the Governance Constitution on a virtual private ​network to facilitate digital public services publication ​and enable members to self-govern assets under the ​Trust’s management. This approach allows the ​Foundation to become more autonomous while ​maintaining close ties with social change initiatives ​through controls, checks, provisions, and technical ​protocol development within a private Internet space.

Notable Programs

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Low cost bio-informatics to save human lives.

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Reducing poverty, hunger a​nd inequity

Environmental, Social,

and Governance (ESG) Report

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Launched ESG


Partnered with Local ​Environmental Organizations

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Formalized Gender Equity ​representation in Trust ​Governance Model

A carbon neutral ​treasury

Ongoing ​Concerns

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Independent Journalism Platform

To preserve freedom of speech and civil rights, the ​Foundation reduced to the practice,​, a media platform powered by AI ​network

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Skill Development and Skill Gaps

The Foundation has a focused commitment to ​education and awareness by distributing ​resources to student beneficiaries on its digital ​campus. Read more.

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Carbon Neutral Treasury

Trust’s Treasury leaves a traceable audit for offsetting ​carbon emissions from any project deployed on the AI ​network.

A green activity receives carbon rewards and a polluting ​activity is expensive for a project treasury.

Transparent ​Treasury

Balance Stat​ement

Contributions Statement

Cash Flow Statement

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